Friday, February 8, 2013

Chinese Culture

This week we have been learning about Chinese Culture.

- We read My First Chinese New Year, which explains all the Chinese New Year traditions (cleaning, oranges, money) and the Chinese New Year parade.
- It is the Year of the Snake (coming up!) and so we collaborated on a Snake. I am especially interested in us finding projects we can work on all together, interspersed with individual projects. This Snake is now hanging from the ceiling in Sesatland.
- Roxanne taught us how to make dumplings (with cabbage wrapping for the Paleo among us!). These were delicious.
- Upcoming: Next week our friends Jed and Elisa will come to show us how to do Chinese calligraphy. We are getting tickets for the Chinese New Year's Parade, and we will go out for dim sum in Chinatown.

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