Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Navigation: maps and signs

We have been learning about navigating around the world, a subject close to my heart (as the founder of Findery). Jyri has come up with a dozen creative ways of teaching navigation. The first project he created, was asking the kids to draw a map of the house, all the different rooms, and draw their own bedrooms and our school room. Then they decided to make a treasure hunt inside the house. First they painted some rocks gold, then made maps of the house. They wrote instructions ("Look under the table" "Go into the kitchen") and invited people to find their treasure using their map and instructions. The next day, Jyri went to the park and drew all of the signs he found in and around the park. He photocopied them and put them on clipboards, and all the children went to the park to look for the signs. They crossed them all off as they found them.
And the following day was the Epic Treasure Hunt on Treasure Island. More about that later.

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