Friday, January 17, 2014

Band Practice with Rose

My friend Rose came over to our house to teach guitar and drums. She's a professional musician, who most recently played with Dot Dot Dot before moving from Chicago to San Francisco. That's her on the right side. Don't they look fun?

We decided to call it "band practice" instead of "music lessons" so that everyone could get involved. 

Rose is a fantastic teacher! She treats the kids as if they were adults, and in a very unassuming, laid-back way shows them how to do a chord and a strum, then repeat it til they've got it, then learn another riff, repeat, and then at the end, string them all together and voila! A song. 

I picked out Rock and Roll All Nite to learn, because it's easy, because KISS is a ridiculous/awesome band, and because it is a Rock and Roll anthem. We had the best time! At the end of an hour or so of learning things like how to tune the guitar, play the riffs and use the pick, we were ready. The kids played, the adults sang, Rose played guitar, we strummed and banged on things, and it was a huge success.

"Do you want to do it again?" "Yes!" the kids said, enthusiastically. We get to do it again next week. Any suggestions for songs? I was thinking, some day, we can learn the guitar solo from "Beat It" by Michael Jackson -- watch Rose play it, wow!

We need to practice more. This is inspiring!

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