Monday, April 7, 2014

Doctors without Borders doctor visit

The children have been interested doctors and their work recently.

This morning we had a visit from our friend Dr. Chris Brasher, a pediatrician who worked for several years in the Congo and starred in the documentary Living in Emergency.

I brought out our globe, and Dr. Chris showed us places he had lived and treated children around the world. He told a story about a five-year-old boy he had treated in Ireland. The boy had challenged him to a bet, wagering one British pound he could tell a joke and make Dr. Chris laugh even as he did a spinal tap on the boy.

Here's how the boy's joke went:

Two cats challenge each other to swim across the English Channel from England to France. One of them is British, and is named One-Two-Three. The other, a French one, is named Un-Deux-Trois.

Which one do you think won the race?

One Two Three cat because Un-Deux-Trois cat sank (un deux trois quatre cinq!)

The Irish boy had won the bet. "He was a tough kid," said Chris.

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