Thursday, March 20, 2014

Drawing from life, and watercolors

In the past weeks we've been learning to draw from real life and paint with watercolors.

We've been using the book Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain, which is an excellent guide to learning to draw from real life.

E started with the exercises.

This is an upside-down copy of Picasso's portrait of Igor Stravinsky: 

A few weeks later, when the weather was nice, I decided to teach the basics of aquarelle technique to the children. We started by watching this video I had made of my grandfather, who was a painter, and taught me when I was a teenager in art school:

During the next few days we went out to the nearby square and painted with watercolors. We learned to tape the paper to the board to prevent curling, to start the composition with the horizon, to paint wet on wet, etc. We started by doing a landscape of the Painted Ladies:

The next day we did a close up of the flower bed - same location, different framing & composition:

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